Training videos are one of the best methodologies to demonstrate, explain, describe and train a person or group of people any form or type of technical information.

Training videos, generally involve:

  • An Instructor who is conducting the training.
  • Visual Effects.
  • Background music.
  • Text suppers with technical details.
  • Professional Voice Over.

The location of the training video is decided during the video script stage.

Pre-Production Phase:

Like all professionally executed projects, the pre-production or pre-planning stage is a critical phase, where we short list: location/s, trainer/s, language that will be spoken by the trainer.

In some cases, translation or transcript services may be required. There has to be clarity in the planning stage, towards the final outcome of the project.

Target Audience:

One of the important aspects of training videos is identifying the target audience.

What are the demographics, language spoken, the level of formal education, how and where will the target audience view the video? These are some of the important points that will allow us to help you in identifying the strong points to be highlighted in the video and avoid any sort of grey areas; that may lead to going back to the video script level; later on.

Duration of Training Videos:

Unlike other videos, training videos can be of longer duration; upwards of 10 minutes is perfectly fine.

In case, there are several topics to be covered; we suggest to break the videos in smaller packages and make is easier for the target audience to understand the topic in a better manner.

Deployment of Training Videos:

In the days gone by, DVDs and intranet were popular platforms to distribute training videos.

Today with cloud storage and popular free online platforms, web-based training videos have become very popular. Youtube and Vimeo are the leaders in online free video showcasing platforms.

Here are eight popular alternates to Youtube:

  • Vimeo Pro
  • Wistia
  • Sprout Video
  • Vzaar
  • Viddler
  • Viewbix
  • Brightcove
  • Vidyard

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