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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is my forte! We can get your business / corporate website in the First Page of Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine.

There are 200+ factors to be considered when online marketing of a website has to be under taken.

The search algorithms are always being tweaked by the major search engines and it becomes necessary to regularly updated the website with fresh content and ideas, so that the website always adheres to the changing environment.

There are many ways in which a website can be optimised: on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation.

As SEO Expert in Navi Mumbai, we offer high quality results focused SEO work, from the ground up of the domain name registration onwards.

The on-page optimisation, is one of the most fundamental building blocks of SEO. How good is your content?

Does it violate any of the Google crawler norms and rules? How content rich is the website?

Off-page optimisation, refers to external factors like the number of websites linking to your website, competition of the search keywords etc.

Based in Vashi; Navi Mumbai we offer our SEO services to the select niche segment of clients; who are serious about generating business from their website; not just have a showcase website!

Search Engine Optimisation Specialist in Vashi

Three critically, important aspects of SEO »

3 Aspects of SEO

1. Technical SEO:

This aspect of SEO, refers to the code that has been used to create the page. With different types of website designing tools, it depends on the level of expertise in generating a "perfect" code that does not generate any errors / warnings.

The website may be designed in HTML5 + CSS3 / PHP / .NET or any of the other popular Content Management Systems (CMS) like Wordpress, Jhoomla etc.

The code validation can be done here:

We offer professional services at the most competitive fees.

2. On-Page SEO:

This refers to the actual content of the website. Content rich websites are those that offer the best quality and varied content to their visitors. You can include the following to create a content rich webpage:

a. Well researched text content (also known as copy). Write text targeted towards your potential audience. It is always prudent to hire a professional content writer; so that you are ensured with quality content and the visitors in turn a benefited.

b. Add Images / Graphics to the web pages, this makes them attractive and they convey stronger message than the text content. Most of the visitors, glance thru the webpage, before reading; hence having graphics specially infographics makes sense.

c. Include Videos. Research has proved that videos are consumed 60,000 times faster than text. People love to watch videos! No doubt; Youtube is such a success with millions for users viewing, uploading and downloading videos.

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3. Off-Page SEO:

Also known as link building; is the last but not the least important aspect of SEO. The goal of link building: Building Trust. Quality links from high authority websites can lead to increase in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) which leads to higher traffic and more business leads.

Link building can be done in any of the following manners:

  • Directory submission
  • Blog Writing
  • Guest blog posting
  • Commenting
  • Registering on various websites to create profiles
  • Creating content and distributing on various platforms
  • Getting listing in paid directories
  • Social Media platforms

Ten Step Approach to SEO »

ten steps to successful SEO
  • 1. Initial SEO Analysis of existing website. The website is analysed, on basis of on-page content, technical SEO and off-page SEO. A report is submitted on all three parameters.
  • 2. Business and Keyword Analysis. Complete study of the target keywords and business generating potential. A report with the monthly search volume in the specific geographical location is prepared.
  • 3. Competitor Analysis. List of top ten competitors is prepared and each of the websites is analysed.
  • 4. Re-designing / Restructuring of the website. Depending on the current status of the website, either redesigning / restructuring is suggested; backed by reports validating why the current website fails to adhere to Google search algorithms. This may also, involve content re-writing and setting up blog.
  • 5. Search Engine Submission. Google XML sitemap is created and submitted for analysis. Google Analytics report are scheduled for weekly and monthly reports.
  • 6. Social Media Optimisation. Creating accounts on Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest and regularly adding content.
  • 7. Blogging. An important aspect is associating a good content rich blog to the website and regularly updating it.
  • 8. Article Submission. Submitting high quality well researched articles to industry blogs / PR article websites, increase the credibility of the website in long term.
  • 9. Email Marketing. Engaging with existing and potential clients is key to success! Sending regular emailers thru services link MailJet / MailChimp helps in developing a good business rapport with visitors.
  • 10. SERP Reports. Monthly Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) reporting of the status of the various ranking keywords and re-analysis of the web-pages/websites and content.