Product demonstration videos are a very apt manner to explain the salient features of any product to the audience in shorted possible time and with the maximum impact of understanding.

Executing the video for product demonstration requires planning, practice and systematic approach to the whole process of the shoot.

We have successfully completed one of the most challenging and complex product demo video: Stent! This project involved macro video shooting and VFX.

Photography at the various critical stages enhances the final edited video.

The main purpose/aim of a product demo video unlike a training video is to showcase the main features/characteristics of the product.

For an engineering product like a pump, there may be several aspects that the manufacturer would like to highlight and explain the salient features, that will help the audience get a better understanding of the product.

People who are involved in demonstrating the product should be well prepared for the time involved in the shoot, as re-takes are often taken so that the video editor can select the best clips to be used in the final video.

Product demonstration videos can be used in conjunction with training and how-to videos.

We offer professional services at the most competitive fees.

Product demo video enables the company or manufacturer to explain various features of a complex machine and/or explain certain highlighting features of a product.

Product demo videos are generally enhanced with VFX and sound effects.

The following are generally included in a product demo video:

  • Full HD video shoot.
  • Professional Voice Over (VO)
  • Text Supers
  • VFX to highlight product features.
  • Royalty free background music.
  • Opening & Closing screens.

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