Maintenance of any instrument, equipment or machine plays a critical role in its usability, safety, and long-term profitability of the company.

As the old saying goes: A stitch in time, saves nine!

Approach towards a professional maintenance video

An important aspect in making a maintenance video a success is to know the target audience.

There are several questions that need to be answered: who will be watching the videos? In which language will they understand best, the critical steps of maintenance? Where will be audience watch the video/s?

In some cases, local language may be used as a voice over; to impart information and make it easy for the viewer to understand and assimilate the knowledge.

As the maintenance video involves shooting of an actual person, it is best to have the most skilled person demonstrate the steps involved in maintaining the specific equipment/machine.

Depending on the complexity involved, the duration of the maintenance video will vary accordingly.

We have to keep the viewer's comfort level of concentration in mind.

Videos over 30 minutes of duration have been found to lack the command over the audience.

Another approach is to break a long duration maintenance video into series of smaller videos.

Short duration videos are easy to distribute on platforms like WhatsApp and also setup Youtube channel.

Checklist for a good maintenance video:

  • Location - This is generally shot at the industrial premises; as transporting large machine/equipment may not be feasible/practical. For items; that can be transported conveniently, we can undertake the shoot at our Vashi studio at Navi Mumbai.
  • Background - The shoot can be done on a plain background, corporate logo style background and Chroma key (green screen). The chroma key option is the most preferred one, as it offers maximum flexibility in the post-production phase of video editing.
  • Voice - The demonstrator can be the narrator; or we can have a professional voice over artist explaining the various maintenance steps and procedures.
  • Visual Effects (VFX) - Depending on the project budget and script requirements, VFX may place the critical part in explaining certain complex maintenance step/s.
  • Text Suppers - Along with the audio narration, we can have text description. Text description helps the audience to read and understand the concept and reiterate the learning procedure.

We offer professional services at the most competitive fees.

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