We specialise in professional industrial video shooting at pan-India locations.

We have in-house cameras, lenses, lights, audio capturing equipment along with equipment that enables us to deliver high-level professional quality full HD videos.

Industrial videos involve three phases: pre-planning, production & post-production.

1. Pre-production Phase of Industrial Video:

At this stage, the core requirements of the client are gathered, discussed and analysed.

Depending on factors like shoot location/s, project budget and final output required, the video shoot script is planned.

The video shoot script is then shared with our client and necessary changes are made; suitable to the project requirements.

In specific projects, we deploy aerial video shoot of the industrial unit/s. Check out one recent project that was executed with a drone for aerial industrial video shooting project.

We employ the latest drones like DJI Phantom 4 Pro that provides the best in class results with full HD (1920 by 1080) resolution. Drones enable us to capture bird's eye view of the factory as well as walk-thru style shots.

In the pre-production phase, the machines, processes and manpower to be captured on video are shortlisted and the video shoot script is prepared accordingly.

In most cases, we request the client to arrange for Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE) like gloves, safety shoes, eye protection wear etc. It is important to have proper PPE portrayed in the video, as per the industry safety norms; so that professional outlook is showcased to the global audience.

In pre-production phase, we also check for the available light sources and how best shots can be captured in midst of the machines and equipment.

A typical video script involves the following checklist:

  • Area of the industrial unit.
  • List of machines to be shot.
  • Emphasis on specific processes / machines like CNC etc.
  • Covering important aspects of the industrial manufacturing unit like quality control laboratory or QC division.
  • The arrangement of the PPE for manpower that features in the video.
  • Decide on the vantage points and angles for the best shots.
  • Cleaning of the machines in undertaken along with fresh paint and touch-up.
  • Floor cleaning and general factory cleaning enables us to shoot and deliver 'clean' videos.

2. Production Phase of Industrial Video:

This is the actual phase during which the video shooting is done.

Most of the factories and industrial units have multiple sites within the same premises or nearby.

The video shooting typically is done during the day. A single shoot schedule is for 8 to 10 hours; with breaks for refreshments and lunch.

The factory unit is covered along with the workers using professional lights, sliders, jibs, etc. depending on the video shoot script.

3. Post-Production Phase of Industrial Video:

Once the video shoot is done, the project enters the last and critical phase of post-production that results in final delivery of DVD with high-resolution MP4 / MOV video file in full HD resolution of 1920 by 1080.

Visual effects (VFX) involves creating 3D animated logos, lower thirds and text supers.

Voice Over (VO) may be part of the project and this is done as per the VO script prepared by our professional script writer.

Delivery of Industrial Video:

Draft video with dummy VO is presented to the client for feedback/approval. Changes are made based on the feedback received.

The second draft of the video with changes is presented to the client for final approval.

After that, the final video is ready for delivery!

The common delivery formats are:

  • WhatsApp version (MP4 format) - for WhatsApp marketing. This is typically 1% of the actual quality and size.
  • YouTube version (MP4 format) - Optimised for online marketing and social media marketing, the Youtube version is typically 10% of the actual video size.
  • Full HD version (MOV / MP4 format)_- This version for large screen presentations in exhibitions, boardrooms etc. is delivered on DVD.

After successful, completion of the project, we handover the entire raw footage, project files etc. in the portable hard disk drive (HDD) provided by the client.

We offer professional services at the most competitive fees.