Advantages of Responsive websites

We design and develop responsive HTML 5 + CSS 3 sites from scratch or from templates! It’s built on skelJS technology, which means it’s easy to customize and works very nicely on mobile devices (try it for yourself -- just size down your browser window).

With more and more website traffic being driven from people using handheld devices like mobiles, tablets and various other portable screens, it is no longer important to have a website that works and looks fine on the desktop screen, but should work seamlessly on other platforms and screen sizes.

Here are some of the advantages of a responsive website, done in HTML5 + CSS3:

  • Seamless user experience: The website visitors are offered a uniform browsing experience, irrespective of the screen size, OS & platform. Increased user experience, always results in better sales and connect with the customer and forges business relation.
  • Cost & Time Effective: It makes much more sense to design a responsive website, rather than investing in double time/efforts & financials for a desktop version as well a mobile device versions.
  • Better SEO: Google now gives additional credit points for websites that are responsive. With HTML5 + CSS3, the code to content ratio is favorably tilted in the favour of content with minimalistic code. One of the important factors in SEO is this ratio between the content and the code and the resulting reduced file size and increased page speed.
  • Increase in Business: With a seamless website experience, it is only a matter of time, before this results in better online sales and increase in online business generated, along with increase in time spent by the user on the website.
  • Future Proof: The latest versions of major browsers Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari, increasingly supporting HTML5 + CSS3, it makes a prudent business sense to have a website, that will be upgradable as well as future proof.

Responsive websites can also be done in popular Content Management Systems (CMS) like Wordpress. Wordpress, offers one of the largest collections of templates and plug-ins, that allow the designer to sculpt website as per the project requirements.

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