Example of a corporate video film script by Webbing Systems for Ansons-Anco Motors Pvt. Ltd.

Script - The Soul of Corporate Video!

The Corporate Video »

Script Layout »

Project: Ansons & Anco Corporate Film
Locations: Jaipur, Latur, Palghar, Navi Mumbai &Mumbai
Camera: Ravi Tuteja
Direction & Script: Pashminu Mansukhani
Aerial Shoot: Ajit Khamkar
VFX: Preetesh Kayanadath
Voice Over (VO): Vineet Mahajan
Interviews: Three persons @ Mumbai office.
Max. Duration: 300 seconds
Project confirmation date: 19th September; 2016
Project completion date: 25th October; 2016

Opening Screen »

Video: Stock shots of water flowing in a field / water flowing from pump / Animation of water / water from pipe

Audio: Stock music of water flowing / VO: Just 2% of water in World is fresh water and we bring water to life! Water pumps & motors for agriculture, industrial & domestic purposes.

Logo Animation »

Video: 3D Animated Logo of Ansons & Anco

Audio: Sound Effects / VO: Welcome to Ansons & Anco - Leading Pioneers of Water Pumps in India!

Certification »

Video: Over view shots of factory along with visual of DNV certification logo

Audio: Background music & VO: We are an DNV ISO 9001 certified company with strong focus on customer service and high quality reliable products

Text Supers DNV ISO 9001 Certified Company Two Units measuring over 30,000 sq. feet at Palghar district in Maharashtra; India

Palghar Factory Shots »

Video: Shots of specific processes at the Palghar factories; including the aerial video shots and other ground shots of workers etc.

Audio: Background music

Speech # 1 »

Video: Interview of Mr. Soeb Z. Bandukwala

Audio: Background music

Text Super: Managing Partner

Product Range »

Video: Product Range Applications like fields / domestic / industrial stock videos

Audio:Background music VO: We manufacture flameproof motors, horizontal open well submersibles, vertical open well submersibles, and mono-bloc pumps

Text Super: Wide Range of Pumps of varied industries

Speech # 2 »

Video: Interview of Mr. Munaf Z. Bandukwala

Audio: Background music

Text Super: Managing Partner

Overview »

Video: Rotating globe

Audio: VO: Apart from India, our products have successfully delighted customers in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Libya, Syria, Nigeria, Oman, Jordan, Ghana, Kuwait, Yemen, Morocco and many more

Text Super: Serving Global & domestic customers

Speech # 3 »

Video: Interview by Ms. Mariam J Malia

Audio: Background music

Text Super: Managing Partner

Testimonials »

Video: Montage of Testimonials shot at Latur, Jaipur & Navi Mumbai

Audio: Background music

Text Super: Our Satisfied Customers

Closing screen of contact details »

Video:Closing screen image with logo and contact details.

Audio: VO: Thank you for watching this video. We are dedicated and committed to serve our customers with world class products and matching service & support.