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Welcome to India's leading corporate video makers !

With 100+ corporate videos for varied clients, we have vast experience and expertise in delivering high impact videos at competitive budgets.

In today’s media driven world, you cannot afford NOT to have corporate video!

With several years of experience and expertise, we deliver the best videos.

We have complete in house team of professionals and equipment; that ensures high quality standard and adherence to complete projects on time.

We have done several projects that involve pan-India travel and have always completed projects on or before the delivery date.

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Advantages of Corporate Videos »

  • Saves money on cost of plant tours
  • Elicits positive feelings for your offerings
  • Broadcast videos online
  • Effective complement for print materials
  • Reaches prospects on an emotional level
  • Images & sounds are incredibly persuasive
  • More compelling "Before" and "After" shots

Our Approach To Corporate Video Making »

We approach corporate AV projects in a very professional and systematic manner.

Each and every project is handled with personal attention to details and client's requirements.

Corporate videos have a specific manner of execution and purpose, aimed at the target audience, hence focus on delivering videos that relate with your target audience.

Planning for Corporate Video »

We commence every corporate video production project with an understanding of the management's point of view, the message to communicated, target audience and budget restraints.

In most of the projects, we start with the draft script and then our in-house scriptwriter gives his critical inputs that result in the first script draft.

The first draft script is sent to the management and feedback is received. After a couple of iterations, the final script is prepared.

This is typically the voice over script.

Along with the VO script; we prepare the video shoot script.

As video script typically illustrates the locations, people involved in the project, processes or machines to be included in the AV, special equipment like a drone, camera jib/crane, sliders etc.

The video script makes it clear about the resources required for the project.

Based on it and the budget; we submit the budgetary estimate.

This third type of script that we work on is the speech script.

In most of the corporate videos, the CEO / Managing director / Chairman talk about his vision and passion towards the company, its products/services.

The speech script is shared with the speaker and we arrive at the final script after approval from the speaker and his team.

Corporate Video Production - The Actual Shoot »

The production phase of corporate AV commences with travelling to the location and/or factory site.

We have a complete in-house team of a camera crew, director, lights man and support staff.

As per project requirement, we may hire special equipment like a drone for aerial photography and video of the manufacturing unit.

corporate video shooting

The video shooting of the top management like CEO / Managing Director / Chairman is done at their respective office and per their availability.

We encourage the speaker to talk extempore and avoid reading from notes and teleprompter.

Depending on the video script, the actual shoot may take 2/3 days or more and may require travelling to various locations all over India.

For outstation sites, we prefer to travel by road or air as we have the delicate and expensive equipment.

We deploy multiple cameras; as they allow to capture different angles and provide a variety of shots for the video editor to select.

corporate video shooting of people

We use full frame D-SLR camera like Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 6D with professional grade L series lens like 24-105mm and also use a prime lens like Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens for shooting very small and fine objects.

For 4K corporate AVs, we deploy Sony Alpha 7s with a dedicated lens.

4K video shoot allows us to capture very fine details of the project. A 4K corporate video has the resolution of 3840 by 2160 (8.3 megapixels, aspect ratio 16:9).

For indoor video shooting we deploy 1000 W tungsten lights and for interviews of corporate heads, we use CFL soft lights and allow us to shoot the subject comfortably.

Post Processing of Corporate Video »

In this stage of the project; we convert all the captured raw video to compatible format for video editing.

We use Final Cut Pro for video editing; so that the best results are produced.

In some projects; we also use Adobe After Effects for adding VFX (visual effects) and animations.

voice over recording by Vineet Mahajan

After the line up of the raw footage and conversion; we add the opening logo animation and closing screen.

The closing screen always has contact details of the client.

Royalty free background music is added to the video so that we can get the professional effect.

A sound engineer also provides his/her critical inputs for maximum impact.

The voice over (VO) is recorded in a professional recording studio.

We have a panel of high level and well-experienced VO artists like Vineet Mahajan; who has lent his voice for several of our projects.

audio recording studio

The draft video is presented to the client and changes made in the video timeline according to the inputs received.

We offer professional services at the most competitive fees.

Delivery of Corporate Video »

We deliver the entire project along with raw video footage in a portable hard disk; provided by the client.

A separate master DVD/pendive with Youtube and WhatsApp version MP4 files are given for safe storage and future usage.