Welcome to the India's finest corporate filmmakers: Webbing Systems!

Are you looking for a single agency/company that can provide complete turn-key services for your corporate videos?

Look no further!

We have 1000+ hours of corporate video shoot experience spanning nearly a decade, practically shot in every state of India.

You can rest assured about getting the best in service with our in-house expert team of director, scriptwriter, video editor, special effects expert and cameramen.

Our core competence is filmmaking, that is our passion and we are committed 100% to deliver world class service to you.

Pan-India Videos »

We have extensive experience in handling multi-location shoots spanning the length and breadth of our vast nation.

Our team travels to capture complete processes at your factories and also shoot video interviews and aerial video and photographs.

Although anyone can shoot a video and get editing done, we build a story around your service or products encompassing your company philosophy and brand image.

Your vision and mission are clearly highlighted in the corporate video.

All of this is possible due to our experience in scriptwriting - The soul of a corporate film.

It is the script writing that allows is to convey and showcase your vision to the global audience.

At Webbing Systems, we believe that every company should have a corporate film that illustrates its capabilities and displays its strength to existing clients and expand their reach to new prospective domestic and global clients.

The days of PPTs (PowerPoint) presentations are long gone! Videos have become the raging favourite of audiences, especially on global video hosting platforms like Youtube & Vimeo.

Points to be kept for corporate film

Duration of a corporate film »

With reducing attention spans of general people, we suggest creating a script and fast paced film.

Holding audience attention is the key to success.

Longer duration film generally fails to engage the audience.

The typical duration we suggest is between 3 to 5 minutes.

With a fast paced music and visual effects, we ensure that we deliver this impact corporate film.

Corporate Film Making - Starting & Preparation Phase »

This phase is also known as the pre-production phase; during which we plan the shooting schedule, technical equipment that will be deployed, people who will feature in the film.

Also, we gather information on mission/vision of the company, brand colours, locations where the shoot will take place etc.

We request for a high-resolution file of company logo; either in CorelDraw or JPEG format. This image is used by our graphics animator to create the starting 3D logo animation.

In addition to our extensive in-house equipment, we may have to arrange for hiring or purchasing additional equipment.

One of the most common special equipment that we hire is a drone for aerial video and photography.

Aerial footage photographs and clips allow us to capture a different perspective of the location.

The aerial clips are intermixed with the other footage, later in the editing stage.

In the pre-production phase, we generally list out the activities for you to prepare the location for the shoot.

Some manufacturing site needs to prepare in terms of machine cleaning, painting and arranging for workers who will be featured in the film.

You may have to purchase/arrange for Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE) like uniforms, hand gloves, eye protection wear, safety shoes etc.

Once, the planning stage is complete and the shoot dates are finalised, we reach the site and start the shoot.

Lights - Camera - Rolling - The Action Phase (The actual shoot) »

This is the actual phase during which the shoot is done.

Depending on the script, we create a document called: Video Script.

The video script illustrates the different processes, people and machines that will be shot.

The shot sequences are prepared and the list is shared with you; so that you know we are moving together in sync with the goal of creating a world-class corporate film.

The Delivery »

We deliver full HD video (1920 by 1080) in various formats; each suited for the respective delivery platform.

For example, we deliver an optimum resolution file that is suited for popular WhatsApp and another version for displaying the video on the large screen at an exhibition.

We offer professional services at the most competitive fees.