There has been a paradigm shift is the video production and post-production processing; ever since the chroma key / green screen video shooting was made popular by movies and news channels.

In most of the TV commercials we view the end result of chroma key video shooting.

We offer specialised green screen also known as chroma key shoot service to select clients; who have specific project requirements and matching budgets.

Chroma key is generally done with the green/blue screen; as these two colours are most distinct in hue from human skin colour.

In corporate films and interviews, we deploy chroma key video shoot; as that provides maximum flexibility in post-production.

We offer professional services at the most competitive fees.

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Chroma shoot setup
Interview with chroma screen
Corporate Interview with corporate staff

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Practical applications of chroma key videos:

  • Flexibility in post processing. We can replace the background in editing software like Adobe Premier, After Effects or Final Cut Pro; with either an image, slideshow of images, animations and even other video clip.
  • Adding VFX in the background.
  • Adding logo animation in the background.
  • Re-usability of the videos; to create different versions of the same person with a variety of backgrounds.
  • Present state-of-the-art work and high-level production output.

Our Vashi; Navi Mumbai based studio is well equipped to shoot chroma key videos that require specific lighting setup, camera settings etc.

Our in-house expert video editor is experienced in handling highly challenging editing projects of chroma key projects.

As an alternate, we can setup our professional chroma key shoot studio at client's premises and undertake the project; to deliver world class results.