Shopping Cart Websites

Selling products & services via. your website, is one of the most important and prudent business decision, that you will ever take. With over a decade of designing and implementing websites with e-commerce facilities, we have the expertise and experience to implement any shopping cart on any suitable platform.

There are various Content Management Systems (CMS) available in the market; both commercially as well as open-source can be further customized as per the project requirement.

Some of the popular CMS are: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Modx and TinyCMS. Each of these can be customised on Windows / Linux platforms and integrated with any payment Gateway.

Popular payment gateway solutions are: Atom, Paypal, CC Avenue, PayU etc. Depending on the selection of the scheme offered by the respective payment gateway, there is always a transaction fee, that is taken by the payment gateway company.